Tulsa Heaters Midstream


 The THM SHO heater line was developed to provide ‘custom-engineered’ industrial quality products to customers that desire more than a commercial product. Consequently, it has the industrial quality, durability, and robustness that tolerates years and years of continuous use – without fail. Furthermore, unlike a majority of package heaters, every SHO line module (heater, CMS, and/or hot oil system) is custom engineered to satisfy each project’s specific requirements.    


Hydroflux heaters (also known as “bath heaters”) have been used in gas plants, pipelines, power plants, gas storage and transmission, and other applications.  Typical services for HydroFlux Indirect Fired (IF) heaters include:

  • Line heater (for natural gas)
  • Crude oil heater
  • Fuel gas heating
  • Gas vaporization
  • Gas dew point heating
  • Condensate stabilizing



Every SHO heater is designed using API 530/560 fired heater guidelines as a base. These guidelines have been used for industrial heater design for more than 30 years, and ensure the heater is designed to the robust standards of the refining & petrochemical industries. 




The THM Heater School is a unique blend of actual fired heater process and mechanical design course material with discussions of heater operational concerns. The Heater School also includes discussion and hands on training with our BMS simulator. The two days include 12 hours of classroom time and 4 hours of shop visits to Tulsa area subcontractors who are involved in heater or heater component manufacturing.