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Shell and Tube, Plate & Frame, Brazed Aluminum, Fired Heaters, Air Coolers, Reactive Metal, Steam injection, pipe supports...

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Meet our Texas team


HTS covers the Texas territory for top manufacturers of Heat Transfer, Combustion, and Equipment Support.  

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HTS can assist with design optimization


We'll come to your location and work with you to optimize the thermal and hydraulic designs for compact heat exchangers.

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Boiler Rental / Emergency Repair


HTS can repair your plate & frame (any manufacturer!), hairpin exchangers (RW Holland, Brown Fintube, Alco) replace your shell & tube Bundle or air cooler bundle.  911@htstx.com

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Solutions not thought of...


When you call HTS, our engineers are always considering alternatives for your review.

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Protect your equipment!


Choosing the right supplier and choosing the right equpment solution can be expensive but not more expensive than when something goes wrong in the field.

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Meet the HTS Rocky Mountains team


Colorado, Wyoming, Northern New Mexico, and Montana - Contact Heat Transfer Specialists Rocky Mountains.


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Heat Transfer Specialists

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