Plate and Frame Service

Alfa Laval Service Center


Alfa Laval's shop personnel have over 100 years of combined experience in the regasketing process.

Plate Exchanger Regasket


Plate Exchangers have tremendous process benefits.  Plates can be cleaned, inspected, dye pen'd, regasketed, closed, and hydrotested - and put back into service for many years.

Welded Compabloc Repair


Our shop can inspect and repair your welded plate exchangers.  We have the equipment and expertise to handle large Compablocs.

Spiral Exchanger Repair


Our service center can inspect and repair your spiral exchanger.  Choose Alfa Laval for your compact heat exchangers and have a complete service team to support your equipment.

We fix the easy ones too...


From the easy repair to the difficult, our team will bring your exchanger back into specification.

Just replace some gaskets...


Customers may come to us for service after experiencing repeated premature leaks.  While some who service PHE's may simply put a black rubber gasket on, we inspect for, and then correct, items that prevent full gasket compression.