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GAB Neumann



For more than 50 years GAB Neumann have designed and manufactured heat exchangers, equipment and components for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, steel coating and environmental industries.
Providing the highest quality and maintaining a strong customer focus are the foundation of their organization. This is demonstrated by the longevity of more than 20,000 units that have been delivered to a loyal customer base. Their staff are the key, they are highly skilled, well experienced and dedicated, ensuring the success of the products and the company.

Pick Heaters

Hughes-Anderson-Bundle-replacementIn Direct Steam Injection, steam is instantly blended into the process fluid, resulting in 100% heat transfer with full use of both the latent and sensible heat. There is no condensate to trap and recover.

  • – Constant Flow
  • – Variable Flow

In addition, Pick Custom Design (PCD) is dedicated to providing packaged systems utilizing heat transfer methods other than direct-steam-injection.

  • – Low pressure steam applications or where liquid pressure exceeds steam supply pressure.
  • – Carryover of boiler feed water chemicals is a concern.

Contact us today and let us help you select the most appropriate product.
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Plate Heat Exchanger Repair

Al-PHE-Serv-Photo-collageShip your plate pack or your complete plate heat exchanger to our service center for refurbishment. We will disassemble, remove old gaskets, dye pen the plates, install factory OEM gaskets, reinstall the plate pack and hydrotest the unit. In addition, we will use our expertise and experience to make sure your equipment is repaired properly and has the greatest service life possible. Our Service Center repairs not only Alfa Laval but Tranter, APV, Funke, Hisaka – ALL Brands – and you get the same quality workmanship and know-how.”

Onsite Service

AlfaLaval-Onsite-support-2We repair and replace heat exchangers. HTS, Inc. can help you repair your plate & frame (any manufacturer!), replace your Shell & Tube Bundle or air cooler bundle. In addition, we can provide rental boilers should you require them during a shutdown. If you have maintenance or reliability problems with your existing equipment, please call us and we’ll be glad to visit your plant site.

Hughes Anderson

Hughes-Anderson-Bundle-replacement-2At Hughes Anderson, we design and build only shell and tube heat exchangers, primarily for the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. Each exchanger is custom designed, both thermally, if required, and mechanically.

While some firms in our industry operate primarily as fabricators or as engineers and consultants, we have elected to function as a full service company. Our constant objective is to produce product quality of the first magnitude, assuring our customers long-term, efficient operation with minimum maintenance and down time.